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It is often said that shared values &  voices between individuals can contribute to a bigger picture.








SYF, together with Lokal Lab, a Siargao-based NGO that supports local communities through sustainable projects are collaborating to create equal access to sustainable lifestyles and opportunities to the town of Burgos, Philippines.






We strongly believe that art can be an essential platform of communication where a variety of topics can be interpreted and shared. It can be used to express feelings and bring awareness to ongoing events or issues that simply cannot be put into words. And how to convey a stronger message by wearing art itself?





SYF has been known by the local scene to create such statement pieces. For this collaboration, SYF has created designs that capture the simplicity of our island and shed light on the local fresh produce grown by farmers.




“Fresh produce”

 Taking notes from LokalLab’s latest main project, which is the construction of the second “Tabo” installation that would have a skate park for the locals. The design concept “Fresh produce” was inspired by the surf-skate culture of the island.




"Groovy Greens"

Fun. Easy going. Vibrant.
This encapsulates the energy the island of Siargao gives off. Although taking up a more literal approach, will serve as the most evident collaboration design between the two parties (namely LokalLab and SYF) through blending the two’s recurring themes and initiatives.





Through this collaboration between SYF and Lokal Lab, 100% of the profits will go directly to building a Seed Library. Our goal with this project is to increase self-reliance among farmers, reduce their dependence on commercial seeds and preserve biodiversity.






We believe in a self-sustainable island, where local produce is the norm and Farmers receive what they truly deserve. This dream can only be achieved if we work together, so don’t forget to Support your Farmers. Every purchase comes with a hang tag that could be planted to grow into spinach. Please follow instructions carefully and have a great day!




Product shots by @visuals.mcb

Images by Lokal lab team