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In celebration of Johnnie Walker’s 200th Anniversary, the whisky brand had partnered up with Manila-based clothing brand SupportYourFriends (SYF) to create a campaign and collection to commemorate Johnnie’s 200th year featuring the brand's 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Bottles.


Deeply inspired by the 20th century art movement, This bauhaus design direction deconstructs the Johnnie Walker bottle, dissecting it into it’s most essential and basic form.


Much like how we see Johnnie Walker - An essential to every celebration- whether spent with a crowd or alone.




Johnnie Walker has been a friend we could rely on for the past 200 years.



This design direction is also a tribute to the late Philippine National Artist Mr.
Arturo Luz (1926-2021), a pioneer in the Philippine Bauhaus Art movement.


Do not forward to those below legal drinking age. Drink responsibly.
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